Casino-X bonuses

Casino-X bonuses

Hello everyone! I have previously written an article containing a review of Casino-X in which I touched on the topic of bonuses. Today I want to talk about them in more detail and cover what this online casino offers to new players and what you can get after registering.

Player bonuses at Casino-X

First I want to split the bonuses into different categories that I will look at separately. These are the welcome bonuses, the weekly bonuses, cashback and the unique bonus that players get with a promo code when they register.

Unique bonus for registering with Casino-X

If a special promo code is used during registration for Casino-X, players get a unique bonus in the form of free spins.

If you do a Google search for promo codes that can be used for Casino-X you can find several. The best code to use at the moment is: BURA. With this code you get 25 free spins for the Book of Dead slot game if you make a deposit of at least €5.

Welcome bonus for registering

All players have to do is register for the Casino-X website to get access to bonuses on their first five deposits. The bonus amount is different for each deposit, and the difference is not just in the value of the bonus but also in the wagering requirement.

Registration bonuses at Casino-X:

  • 1 deposit. Players can get a bonus of up to 200% on their first deposit. The bonus amount cannot be more than €50 (see below for more details), it all depends on the size of the deposit. Players also get 200 free spins.
  • 2 deposits. When the second deposit is made, the balance can increase twofold, which is an extra 100%. The maximum bonus amount is €300, and the wagering requirement is 25x.
  • 3 deposits. With the third deposit, the balance can increase by 50%. The maximum bonus amount is €400, and here the wagering requirement is lower than for the second deposit, amounting to 20x.
  • 4 deposits. The fourth time the account is topped up, a 50% bonus is available, and the wagering requirement is 20x. The maximum amount is €500.
  • 5 deposits. The fifth deposit leads to a 25% bonus with a 20x wagering requirement.

Please note: At Casino-X, the wagering requirement applies to the bonus + the deposit. Therefore, for example, the actual wagering requirement for the second deposit is not 25x, but 50x. This applies to all bonuses at Casino-X (excluding cashback, which I will talk about separately).

Bonus on the first deposit

Now I want to talk in more detail about the first deposit bonus, as the amount depends on how much money you deposit.

Bonus amount on the first deposit:

  • 200% — you can get this on up to €50.
  • 150% — with a deposit of up to €300.
  • 100% — with a deposit of up to €2000.

So you will see that you don’t always get the 200% bonus on your first deposit. The wagering requirement also varies and amounts to 30x, 25x and 25x respectively.

Players have 3 days (72 hours) to wager the active welcome bonus, so they shouldn’t delay wagering this bonus.

If your first deposit is €20 or over, you will receive an additional 200 free spins. This bonus is awarded in instalments, you will get 20 free spins once a day (over 10 days).

Weekly bonuses

Aside from the bonuses for new players, there are also offers for regular customers. As a rule, once a week and sometimes more often, players get a notification email from the manager with an offer to use a bonus.

The weekly bonus amount is always different, and you can see what active bonus offers are available in the PROMO section.

However, if you win at Casino-X regularly and your balance is positive, be prepared for the bonus offers to be reduced, and conversely, active players who don’t often have much luck will receive more attractive bonuses for their games.

There is also a cashback bonus for Casino-X players.

Review of the cashback bonus

If you make a loss at the end of the month, then on the first day of the next month you will have access to a 10% cashback bonus if you have played slot games and other casino games, or a 5% cashback bonus if you have been betting on sports.

In order to receive this bonus, you need to make a deposit of 50% of the cashback amount and a 3x wagering requirement will apply. For example, you need to make a €10 deposit to receive €20 cashback.

To get any bonus at Casino-X, you first need to activate it in the PROMO section and then make your deposit. If you mistakenly make the deposit first, then contact the customer support chat and they will be able to help.

That is everything I wanted to say about bonuses at this casino, and I hope that my article has been clear. To finish, I would recommend checking out these top casino rankings, which will help you choose the right casino for you.

That’s everything. Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best of luck!